How to Keep Children in Quarantine so That They Won’t be Bored?

So that the child does not sit in front of a computer or television whole day, and the parent at the remote work has the opportunity to look after their child and perform duties, it is simply necessary to come up with an interesting entertainment method for the baby.

We have collected the top games that will help to entertain the child during quarantine.

House of plaid and pillows

Invite your child to build a shelter for yourself. In this he will be helped by chairs, rugs, blankets, pillows.


For children, such an activity can be extremely exciting: a miracle is obtained from a simple sheet of paper.

Home Puppet Theater

Let the kid carefully think over the plot, his favorite soft toys or dolls will be the actors and his assistants.

Drawing dictation

If you had to work because of quarantine, offer your child a fascinating task at home: you read him a short story or make up a story yourself (gradually increasing the number of details), and he must draw from memory what he heard.

Real detective

Let your child feel like Sherlock Holmes: give him a hat and a flashlight, darken the room (close the curtains and curtain the windows) and invite him to find all the objects you have hidden there: books, toys, sweets.

Source: Ivona