How to Have Longer Eyelashes in A Month

You don’t have to waste a lot of money on beauty products and beauty salons to have long and beautiful eyelashes. Just follow these few simple tips to get thicker and longer eyelashes.

Brush your lashes

Brushing stimulates blood circulation and promotes hair growth. Use a few drops of vitamin E, and brush your eyelashes for 5 minutes twice a day.

Olive oil

Apply olive oil to your lashes. Applying olive oil to the eyebrows and eyelashes is a home-made recipe that promises to enhance and stimulate hair growth, which is essential for your stunning appearance. It is a fact that olive oil is widely used to strengthen hair and stimulate hair growth.

No rubbing

Never rub your eyes vigorously, especially while you’re removing makeup. Simply soak a cotton pad in makeup remove and dab it on your eyes – don’t rub or scrub. Another important note, never use exfoliator on your eyelids as the eye region has super thin skin and is extremely sensitive.

Clean your make up

Avoid wearing makeup for a long time. Always remember, especially before bedtime, to remove the makeup. Sleeping with makeup prevents your skin from “breathing” and can leave it dry and peeling. The eye region is very sensitive and the makeup can also cause irritation, eye infection and even premature aging. To keep your lashes healthy and longer, it is essential for you to sleep with clean skin.

Apply serum

For longer lashes, choose a good eyelash serum. Not all brands of serums are good for eyelashes. Research and find those that will not be harmful.

Wear sunglasses

They are not only a piece that gives charm to your face, but also essential for the protection of your eyes and lashes.

Eat healthy food

Your diet must contain all the necessary vitamins. Healthy food is essential in improving not only your eyelash health, but also your hair, skin and overall body health too.