How to Have a Healthy Fight With Your Partner?

It’s always important to remember that there’s a difference between “good fighting” and “bad fighting” and only the good one can be beneficial for your relationship.

Here are some pieces of advice you should follow to turn your argument into a productive discussion:

Respect each other.

You’re both human beings with your own weak points, so don’t hit below the belt and put pressure on the things that might irreversibly hurt your partner.


If you were wrong, admit it and say that you’re sorry. This small action won’t make you feel weaker. On the contrary, it will show your partner that you still care about them.

Stick to the point.

Never bring up the experience of your previous relationships or your partner’s mistakes that you’ve already let go. You have only one point to talk about, so be precise.

Don’t appeal to third parties.

Bringing your friends or relatives into your argument may make your partner feel isolated and disrespected, so do your best to solve the problem on your own before addressing anyone.

Source: Bright Side