How to Get Stunning Maternity Photos

As your pregnancy progresses, you may want to start documenting these precious moments with maternity photos. Here are some tips for having a successful pregnancy photo shoot.

When is the ideal time to schedule a pregnancy photo shoot? Most would agree it falls somewhere between weeks 28 and 32. Maternity photos shot during this phase will show off your adorable baby bump, which hasn’t yet grown uncomfortably large.

A lot of expectant couples prefer holding their pregnancy photo shoot in the great outdoors. A sun-drenched spot on the beach or a dramatic scene in the rain would look equally spectacular.
Another option is to plan a maternity photo shoot at home, where your child will grow up.
On the other hand, maternity photos taken in a professional studio can offer more in the way of artistic creativity and expression. High-contrast black and white shots are often a popular choice.

With the constant changes your body is undergoing to accommodate your growing baby, it’s tough to decide what looks best. The key is to choose something that makes you feel both comfy and confident.

Source: Flo