How to Get Rid of Oily Hair?

Most women wonder: why the head gets oily so fast? Whereas dry hair can be restored with the help of special masks, it is much harder to remove hair greasiness. We decided to tell you how to get rid of oily hair and how to stop, washing your hair every day.

Pay attention to your hair care cosmetics

Namely, shampoo, balm and hair conditioner. It is important to choose cosmetics that suit your particular hair type and avoiding moisturizing products with “nutrition” and “for enhanced shine” written on them. And remember – do not save on cosmetics for care. Your beauty depends on your care. Use the conditioner only on the length of the hair. Remember, balms, masks and conditioners are applied only to the length of the hair, and not to the roots. The amount of air conditioning should be moderate. To avoid “icicles” during the day, thoroughly wash the conditioner from the hair.

Do not constantly touch your hair

Constant touching of hair with your hands threatens with high fat content. And all because sebum from the tips of the fingers falls on the curls, stays on them, absorbs and, as a result, you get oily hair.

Wash your head with cool water

Most often, the fat content on the head appears due to the fact that you wash your hair in hot water. Sebaceous glands begin to work more actively under high temperature, which results in a greasy lustre on the hair. Pay attention to your hair comb. Any comb, regardless of the shape and material, after each combing should be rinsed with water. After combing pieces of oil remain on the scallop, which can spoil your new hairstyle. Therefore, make it a rule to regularly arrange “hygienic procedures” with your comb.

Source: Ivona