How to get perfect tan?

Confidently almost all the girls will agree that the summer is the most anticipated, as the summer brings with it the sunbath. But sometimes mistakes that were done during the sunbath can cause big problems.

To avoid sunburns and get a beautiful tan, you just need to follow a few simple rules.

Ultraviolet has an extremely negative effect on the skin, drying it. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to prepare yourself for contact with the sun beforehand. For some time before going to the sea, start using moisturizing and nourishing skin creams.

If you have very sensitive skin, visit the solarium 2-3 weeks before the holiday. Two or three times for 5 minutes will be enough to ensure that the cells accustomed to ultraviolet and easily withstand the scorching sun.

How to sunbathe on the beach?

  • What’s the best time to sunbathe? From sunrise to noon, then from 16 pm until sunset. At lunchtime, the sun is the most aggressive, and staying under it is fraught with rapid burns and sunstroke.
  • Start with 5-10 minutes, increasing daily the time spent in the open sun. The rest of the time spend under a beach shade. So you get a smooth beautiful tan, and the skin won’t begin to peel off in a few days.
  • Change the position every 10 minutes, turning to the sun with the other side of the body.

Getting a beautiful and even tan is only half the battle. In order to prolong its life, drink carrot juice, eat yellow and orange fruits. Don’t forget to use a nourishing cream, moisturize the body.