How to Get Back to Work After Vacation

Going back from the beach to office may be a harsh transition. Coming back to work after a vacation is difficult especially when it comes down to bringing back your productivity. There’s a way to enjoy these days off and still manage to boost your productivity right after, writes the “Fitness” magazine.

The magazine recommends to follow these steps to enhance your focus and avoid post-vacation blues.

Actually Unplug

laptop, juice and phone

You need to focus on this step throughout the vacation itself. Try to put your work aside and actually relax for some time. Don’t answer the emails unless of course it’s an emergency. You need to be able to relax first in order for you to be able to get back to work once you’re back.

Come Back Early

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This may sound crazy to you, but returning from a vacation a day before going out to work can make for a huge difference. You need some time to do grocery shopping, set your baggage and catch up with things. You don’t want your stress levels to go high right away. The slow transition is much better.

Don’t Neglect Food


After a good vacation many people are driven to go on a diet or some kind of juice cleanse. Maybe you want to get back in shape, but you need to consider that these restrictions may mess with your productivity levels. Your focus will be completely directed on the diet itself instead of work. Try going back to your regular eating habits once you’re back.

Reset Your Sleep Schedule

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You will experience some sleeping problems after coming back from your vacation often caused by the differences in time zones. Try avoiding caffeine and try eating lighter foods throughout the first week back home.