How to Ease PMS Pains and Period Cramps

Want it or not, periods are part of your life and for a long time so. You might think of it as a monthly torture, yet this doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to ease the symptoms, writes the “Women’s Health” magazine.

The magazine recommends taking the following steps to get rid of the pain and other period-related symptoms.

Take a Sip of Wine

a girl drinking wine

Numerous studies have shown that moderate consumption of wine during the period helps with certain symptoms. Just one glass of wine may help to relieve the horrible headaches that occur before and throughout your period.

Get a Massage

a relaxing massage

Any type of rubdown can be helpful during this time as it increases the blood flow and helps to ease the tension throughout your whole body. You might want to focus on the waist area if you have bad cramps. The massage will make you forget about the pain for some time.

Go to Gym

work out

This may not seem like the best time to workout to you, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that exercising helps to relieve the pains and aches you might experience during your cycle. The hormonal shifts that occur in your body around this time will also make it easier for you to do tough workouts.

Sleep on Your Back

sleeping on back

You don’t want to put any unnecessary stress on your uterus and sleeping in any other position will put excess weight on it. The excess weight will only intensify the PMS pain. Taking the pressure off will help you to fall asleep easier.