How to do practical shopping at summer for autumn

All the girls and women will definitely agree that the clothes we buy at the time of the discounts are often useless and we do not bear them in the future. To make the purchases more practical and useful we present you the main trends of the autumn. These clothes can now be found in stores and you can wear them on rainy autumn days.

Checkered jacket

It’s hard to imagine autumn look without checkered print. Choose long oversized checkered jackets in grey color and pair it with jeans, skirts and classic pants.

Wide trousers

Narrow jeans are definitely not trendy this year. Wide trousers came to replace them. It’s perfect time to buy wide trousers now and wear it both at the office and with hangover with friends. Wide trousers can be paired with T-shirts and jackets.

All shades of brown

Designers suggest to combine all the shades of brown color in one outfit. It means that you have to pay attention to the clothes in this color. Designers are sure that everyone will like such outfit.

Long skirts

Long skirt is a big trend of this autumn. They highlight woman’s femininity. In the autumn weather you can choose the types of thicker pieces and feel comfortable in any situation.

Basic T-shirts

Thicker basic t-shirts are must-have of every fashionista. You can buy few of them with different designs and wear all year long.


Jeans trousers are never unnecessary. Pay attention to the dark blue and black models. The main thing is not to choose narrow jeans.

Long-sleeve blouses and shirts 

Inside every fashionista’s wardrobe there is with long-sleeve white shirt. Pay attention not only on classical white ones but also colored and silk textured shirts.