How to Do Make Up in 2019? Main Beauty Tricks of 2019

We have mentioned a lot that natural look is fashionable in make-up. Let’s see which beauty trends will be on top this year.


Glitter looks very beautiful on eyes. Use it as eyeshadow or for lightening eye corners. Beige, silver and golden are must-haves.

Pink eyeshadows

Choose creamy textures to achieve wet shine effect. Apply it with fingers.

Dark lips

No matter if it is matte or glossy. Choose lipstick with moisturizing components for long-lasting make-up.


The highlighter is never too much. Cheekbones, the area above the upper lip, the nose – a little shine will refresh your look and it looks very beautiful.

Creamy blushes

Moisturized and shiny make-ups look very fresh. Choose peach shades for having a slightly tanned look and add some pinkish shade to your cheeks.