How to Cook According to World’s Best Chefs

Have you ever found yourself wondering about the secrets of world renowned chefs? Even their simplest dishes seem to taste completely different from when you try to make it. The secret lies in the years of experience and tricks that you can’t simply find anywhere else, writes the “Vogue” magazine.

The magazine teamed up with a number of world’s best chefs and came up with the following tips to help you become a maestro in your own kitchen.


Rest Time is Important

a delicious dish

If you ever wondered what’s the secret behind tender and juicy meat, it’s the resting time. The resting time should be equal to each other. Just wrap the piece of meat in foil so that the blood that flowed to the center while cooking can flow back to extremities.


The Secret to Dumplings


When making dumpling, you need to make sure that the dough of the wrapper is neither too soft nor too hard. It needs to feel tender to your touch, yet be able to hold the stuffing inside. Distribute the oil evenly in the pan and cook it to a deep golden-brown color to give it the crispy texture and the perfect aroma.

Egg Whites Make for Healthier Desserts

whipped egg whites

If you’re making a dessert that demands cream in it, try replacing ¾ of the cream with whipped egg whites. Blend the whipped egg whites with the remaining cream and add it to your pastry. This will not only make your desserts more light and airy, but also help to reduce the calories.


More Egg Yolks Than Egg Whites

homemade pasta

Are you struggling to make homemade pasta? There are certain secrets to it. While making your own fresh pasta always try adding more egg yolks than egg whites. This will help your pasta to stay nice and firm.