How to Care About Your Skin in Autumn

Despite the hot weather, autumn will very soon remind us about very cool evenings, prolonged rains and how bad weather affects our skin. In this season you need to get new cosmetics and change the care procedures. How to do it, “Ivona” tells further in the material.


It is necessary to choose products that do not dry the skin. In this case, once every two weeks it is recommended to use scrubs. This will help to renew the skin and remove pigmentation.


This is an important stage in skin care, as the tonic makes the skin fresher, tauter and more elastic. Owners of oily skin should carefully choose this product, because it can contain alcohol. Tonic can be replaced with micellar water.


Do not forget the moisturizer! The best days of the autumn period are suitable for taking a vitamin complex depending on your skin type. Do not forget about the masks. Masks for the face – this is something that should not disappear from your beauty treatments in any season. They not only nourish the skin, smooth out the tone of the face, but also protect it.