Here’s the One Personality Trait that can Stop You from Getting Rich

It is all about attitude when it comes to striking it rich, writes the “Maxim” periodical. In an exhaustive five-year study of more than 200 millionaires, bestselling author and financial expert Thomas Corley found that the richest and most successful people among us, particularly those who are self-made millionaires, definitely avoid associating with pessimists.

That’s right, it turns out that super-successful alpha types don’t like to surround themselves with negative people.

The reason having a positive mental outlook is actually a prerequisite for being successful is because it allows you to use 100 percent of your brain.

The experts have spoken: If you want to climb the economic ladder, positivity is a must-have trait.

Researchers have found that when you have a negative mental outlook you actually shut off one-third of your brain. Your prefrontal cortex doesn’t operate optimally so you’re relying on your reptilian brain, your limbic system and your brain stem, the older parts of the brain, you don’t want that.