How Social Media May Affect Your Pregnancy?

Read the article to learn how social media posts may affect your happy pregnancy journey.

What happens on social media is that we often have, mostly celebrities, posting super sexy pregnancy pictures, as if their body hasn’t changed at all except for an adorable bump.

It’s important to think about pregnancy in terms of what your body is busy doing – it is building a new life. And if you are thinking too much about the way your body looks when you’re pregnant, you’re really taking your focus away from what pregnancy is all about.

Yes, it’s hard when you get the message that you’re supposed to be sexy and pregnant at the same time. You would better stay away from the kind of people who sell you a certain image of what you’re supposed to look like when you’re pregnant.

The most important thing during pregnancy is not to be beautiful. It’s to take care of yourself and to take care of your baby.

Instead, we have a lot of people on social media who are saying things like, “Get your pre-baby body back and lose the baby weight, firm up and get sexy!” But when you’ve just had an infant, you’re tired. And it’s just not the time to spend all of your money on beauty products, or trying to starve yourself, or worrying about exercising compulsively or something like that. It’s really not a healthy thing.

And last but not least, your baby loves you so much, your baby does not care if you fit into your old jeans, your baby would much rather have you be healthy and happy the way you are.