How are children raised in different countries?

Children around the world are raised in a unique way. But there is one thing that does not depend on the country at all: all parents try to convey their best qualities and values ​​to their children. Here are various methods of upbringing that you can add to your upbringing tips list.

French method

The main feature of the French upbringing method is that parents do not forget about their personal life after the birth of their child. The child sleeps in his own bed, since the very first day. The baby sleeps not too late in the evening, as it gives parents the opportunity to spend time together.

Japanese method

Japanese parents have a strict rule, they never physically punish the baby and do not shout at the child. Children under a certain age are allowed everything: ruin books, break toys, draw on wallpaper. It is believed that the sooner you give pencils to your baby, the faster he will learn to draw. Japanese parents give great importance to the child’s earliest age and believe that those years are when his character is formed.

German method

In Germany, on the contrary, they do not try to teach how to read, count, write as soon as possible. Much more important for the Germans is discipline and the ability to communicate in a team. German parents teach their child to make their own decisions. Even when furnishing a child’s room, the child’s opinion plays a major role in deciding what his bedroom should look like. In Germany you can’t meet a family, where the child does not have a separate room. They think it gives the baby a chance to become more independent.