Household tricks for women

We frequently face many problems concerning to our routine. Nevertheless, the solutions are more simple than we could imagine.

We present you a few simple tricks and we are sure that you will definitely like the results.

How to vanish the scratches on your phone and eyeglasses?

You can spread the toothpaste around the notches, then wait for 2 minutes and clean the eyeglasses. This method is very effective, and this will help you to overcome the scratches on your glasses or on your phone.

How to get rid of the rust?

You should mix the Coca-Cola with toothpaste and then spray it with the help of the packaging on the rusty surface.

How to get rid of salt under the electric kettle?

You have to add a water to the kettle, add a few pieces of lemon and bring the water to the boiling point. You will notice the result immediately.

How to clean the chewing gum?

At the place where is located chewing gum, you have to put an ice on it . After a minute, the chewing gum will be easily dissolved.