Hot Drinks That Will Increase the Child’s Immune System in Winter

If you want to boost your baby’s immunity, then add some healthy, warm drinks to their routine in the winter.

Mothers face the problem of raising the child’s immunity throughout the winter. To cope with this problem, we offer a few tasty treats that will warm your baby up well and boost his or her immune system.

Hot chamomile tea

Hot chamomile tea not only calms overactive neonates, but also effectively fights against pathogenic bacteria, improves digestive system and removes harmful substances from the intestines.

Hot cinnamon milk

If your child is over three years old and digests cow’s milk well, you can drink warm milk with cinnamon after a walk in the winter. Cinnamon works very well on all vital systems of the body, enhances overall tone and strengthens the immune system. In addition, cinnamon is rich in potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.

Hot water compote

This is just a vitamin bomb that is easy to make. Take a handful of any dried fruits, wash them, put in a thermos, and fill with hot water but not boiled. Leave it aside. It is best to do this in the evening to make the drink more saturated. If the baby is not allergic to bee products, a little honey can be added.

Cranberry juice

An excellent berry that nourishes the body with vitamins and strengthens the immune system. Cranberries are very rich in vitamin C, and also remove harmful substances, waste of bacteria and viruses from the body.