Holiday Lenten Salad

If your holiday falls during Lent, this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying delicious dishes. You can always find a healthy alternative to heavy fatty foods. Our lean salad is a direct confirmation of this!

It will take only 10 minutes from you to prepare this delicious salad.


Pear 2 pcs.

Pomegranate 1 pc.

Red onion 0.5 pcs.

Cilantro to taste

Lime 1 pc.

Salt to taste Black pepper (ground) to taste

How to Prepare

  • Peel the pears and cut the fruit into a cube. Pomegranate, peel and remove the seeds.
  • Finely chop the red onion.
  • Mix all the ingredients, salt and pepper the dish. Season the salad with freshly squeezed lime juice.