Healthy Eating Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

Breastfeeding mothers need extra energy and water, as milk production can burn up to 500 calories a day. Therefore, your strength and health will benefit from a healthy diet. You should also avoid starting a diet to lose weight while you’re breastfeeding. A reduced-calorie diet during breastfeeding can lower your energy and milk supply.

You also need more water to compensate for the fluid you lose from breastfeeding. You can drink water, juice, or other non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverages. It’s best to drink frequently, preferably before you feel thirsty, and drink more if your urine appears dark yellow. Have a glass of water nearby when you breastfeed your baby.

While you can find many lists of foods to avoid while breastfeeding on the internet, the truth is you can eat almost any foods as long as they are nutritious.

The only exemption might be fish with high levels of mercury, like shark, tilefish, and some kinds of tuna. It’s best to limit the consumption of this kind of fish because mercury can affect the infant’s nervous system.

Health professionals advise all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to take vitamin D daily.  The same supplements are recommended for infants.