Hat-buckets in Nina Ricci’s collection

Are you looking for a hat that will protect you from the Sun, at the same time without ruining your hair? Then let us inform you that Nina Ricci has solved this problem.

Nina Ricci presented its womenswear spring/summer 2020 collection in Paris. Snakeskin prints mingled among pastel hues like lavender, baby pink, canary and more.

The exaggerated collars and cut-out boots were enough to captivate you. But then, models walked down the runway with oversized buckets—yes, actual buckets—resting on top of their heads, reminiscent of the ones you pack for a trip to the beach. In keeping with the playful aesthetic, the hat/bags came in bright colors, from yellow to orange to blue—any one of which will definitely earn you a few Instagram cool points.

Nina Ricci kept the playground theme strong throughout the collection, debuting oversized sunglasses, bubble gum ball earrings and a belt with large learning-block letters that spelled out Ricci.

Source: elle.com