Hair Trends From Around the World

In order to keep up with this year’s fashion, one must first pay attention to the style of the hair because the first thing you notice on a person’s face is the hair. Below we present you some stylish hairstyles and not from fashion shows, but from the everyday looks of ordinary people.

New York

While there were plenty of the standard beach waves and bobs, there was a clear trend that emerged among New York’s showgoers: hair accessories, and lots of them, from stacks of clips to padded headbands and girly bows. The only rule for wearing them is more is more.


London is known for its edgier street style, so it’s no surprise the hair looks were more Kate Moss than Kate Middleton. Think lived-in texture, fun colors, and a plethora of bucket hats.


As in New York, we spotted lots of accessories and voluminous texture, and everything had that elegant Italian feel.


If you are a fan of easy, effortless hair, than the style of Parisian woman is perfect for you.