Habits That Weaken Intellectual Abilities

Many people are used to carefully plan their working day, but very often they spend their free time inefficiently. The main reason are the habits that seem innocuous at first sight.

Here are some habits that are better to avoid.

Checking news

A lot of people try to check news from all over the world. Thanks to smartphones, we get information no matter where we are all day long. That’s why we become addicted to checking news.

Many neuroscientists avoid reading news, because the negative they carry can cause despair. It may disrupt your concentration and strength. According to the American Psychological Association, 56% of people said the news causes them stress.

Of course, it’s hard to completely avoid reading news. However, there should be introduced some restrictions.

Comparing yourself to others

With the advent of social networks, we have even more reasons for comparison. And it can negatively impact your mental health.

In order to get rid of this habit, you need to tidy up your social media feed and remove those who make you jealous.


Recent research shows that doing many things at the same time may have negative effect on your mental health. Whenever we try to do multiple unrelated tasks at once, we exhaust our brain.

In order to manage doing many tasks at the same time, you should schedule your tasks.