Granny Panties Are Making a Comeback

Even though many women praise thongs because you can wear anything with them and no one will ever see the line, there are just as many who are more concerned about wearing a comfortable piece of underwear.

Well, to all of you who prefer comfort over looks, we’ve got good news: The granny panties are making a comeback!

The NY Times posted a story in 2015 titled “Young Women Say No to Thongs”, and it turns out that many young women actually wear granny panties instead of thongs.

Granny Panties

There have been numerous articles about how we’re no longer into wear uncomfortable undies, and millennial women care more about comfort. They are tired of the “beauty is pain” lie we’ve been sold for decades.

Another thing to note is that thongs weren’t even originally made for women. They were made for male dancers back in 1939.