Girl Names for Good Luck

The names the parents give the baby often reflect their child’s future. Therefore, parents need to properly and thoughtfully approach this issue. We present you the girl names that bring good luck.


Girls with this name are extremely intelligent and versatile personalities – they are psychologists, psychics, and good sorceresses, they always have sublime abilities and huge potential. A little wayward, but very loving, hardworking and decisive, always ready to stand up for themselves and their principles. Maria has a rich inner world and an irrepressible thirst for life, which makes her an interesting and strong-willed person.


Victoria in Roman mythology is the goddess of victory. Girls with this name are usually silent and calm, balanced, able to control themselves, control their emotions, smart and resourceful, many of them have hidden creative potential and remarkable strength of mind. They do not abandon their work, they are very persistent in their goals, they are characterized by firmness of character and self-confidence.


Translated from Hebrew, Anna is “grace”, as well as “courage” and “strength”. By nature, Anna herself is kindness.  The owners of this name are very diligent, wise and helpful. They are able to return to a person the desire to live, fight and enjoy every day. However, despite the mild nature, these girls are capable of much: to squeeze their will into a fist and achieve their goals, despite all the obstacles.

Source: Ivona