Getting Ready for the Holidays: How to Lose Weight 3 Weeks Before the New Year?

There are only three weeks left until the New Year, which means there is still time to lose weight and put on a spectacular dress on the main night of the year. You don’t have to follow strict diets. You just need to do sport, eat healthy, and recover.


Given the rate of change of metabolism, you should not go on a rigid diet. It just does not help. The body will not survive three weeks without food and the resulting stress will make you look for fat in each product and put it aside! Just make sure that proteins and complex carbohydrates predominate in your diet – you can safely eat cereals (buckwheat will be especially good), durum macaroni, potatoes, corn, and beans. But just do not change in any way the number of products (you can not “sit” on one thing). You need to eat so that after a meal there is a slight feeling of hunger.


You need to do sport three or four times a week. Intensive and diverse training is best. For example, one workout per week can be done on strength, and the other on cardio.


Rested body properly distributes energy, therefore, you need to sleep six to eight hours a day, go for a massage (by the way, you can choose a special one for weight loss and acceleration of the lymph) and at least once a week visit the sauna.

Source: PeopleTalk