Get As Glittery As You Can

As writes the periodical “Harpers Bazaar” 2018 is considered to be the most glittery year of all times. This year glitters are going to be everywhere.

Shiny Stones

new make-up trendAccording to the periodical, it is going to be very trendy to wear shiny stones. These stones will be glued to the eye circle. This process requires a little bit of a patience and effort but it’s worth the try.

Golden Girl

Rihanna's "Golden Girl" make-up

The make-up style “the golden girl” is going to be another trend boom. It is widely spread by a famous singer Rihanna and will probably last for a while.  Rihanna didn’t invent gold makeup, but she did invent the gold highlighter you’re going to see everywhere for the next million-or-so years.


Ultra-highlighted make-up

Another massive makeup moment in 2018 will be the rise of ultra-highlighted skin. Here various powders and polishing cosmetic materials are used.  The glowy, the better.

As a reminder just note that Rihanna has released her Fenty Beauty cosmetic collection, which offers different shades of makeup accessories for women with different skin colors.