Games to Encourage 8-Month-Old Baby Development

Your baby is growing every day, and the 8-month-old stage is an exciting time of them starting to communicate in new ways and learning to move independently. It’s also a time when your child is ready to start engaging more with you socially and with activities.

While it may seem like your baby is too young for games, there are plenty of 8-month-old baby activities that they will enjoy that can provide a fun way to bond with parents, siblings, and other caregivers. Here’s a list of some of the best 8-month-old baby activities to play with your infant.

Noisy games

As you already know, this is a stage where your baby has learned that making noise is fun. They’re probably already saying a few words, babbling, and even yelling and screeching to make their presence known, and you can channel that into an interactive experience by turning making noise into a game.

Dancing and singing

Even if your child isn’t walking or even crawling yet, that doesn’t mean they can’t engage in some dancing games and activities.
Children of this age love to listen to songs that have motions, and even if they can’t do the motions themselves, having a parent move their arms and hands to do them provides much-needed touch time and encourages the development of motor skills։

Helping them stand

Babies of this age are often already trying to stand and cruise in preparation for walking, and you can encourage this even more by making a game out of helping them stand. Doing the stand-up-sit-down game helps develop the leg muscles and teaches your child how to start supporting their own weight in an upright position.


Reading to your child is a great way to increase vocabulary and introduce them to all of the wonderful things books have to offer. Start with short, hardcover picture books designed for infants of this age, and engage your child in the story by having them point to objects or animals they’re familiar with.