Football Fashion

Fashion always dictates its rules in any area. The 21st World Football Championship also did not stay behind the fashion trends. We present the brands that 32 teams of the FIFA World Cup 2018 wear.

ADIDAS (Germany)

12 teams play in the uniforms of this brand.


Ten teams play under this brand name.

PUMA (Germany)

Four teams prefer this brand.


Only two teams have been interested in this American brand.

UMBRO (England)

This English brand is only worn by the Peruvian team.

HUMMEL (Denmark)

One can say that the Danish National Team is the most patriotic, as they enter the stadium in their home-made shirts.

ERREA (Italy)

This Italian brand is preferred by the Iceland National Team.

UHL SPORT (Germany)

The list is concluded by the German UHL SPORTS brand, which is the uniform of the Tunisian National Team.

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