Foods that can harm you if you eat them at the wrong time

This time we want to share some advice on how to choose the right time to eat your favorite foods in order to get the maximum benefit.



Although bananas may seem like a good option to start your morning, if they’re consumed on an empty stomach, they can actually decrease your energy levels. At first, you will probably feel an energy boost thanks to their high sugar content, but after a couple of hours, you’re likely to feel tired and hungry again.

If you aren’t ready to give up having bananas for breakfast, combine them with some other foods, preferably with ones that contain healthy fats like peanut butter.



For many people, having a cup of coffee right after waking up feels like the most natural thing to do, but it’s actually pretty useless. Research has shown that drinking coffee before a meal improves our tolerance to caffeine. In the first hour after waking up, your body produces cortisol and it’s essential to not disrupt this process and our natural biological rhythms.
So just wait for a bit and enjoy your cup of coffee.


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As much as we love having some sushi or Indian food after a long day of work, it may not be the best option. Rice contains a lot of complex carbohydrates that take a long time to digest. But it makes rice high in calories that can potentially cause weight gain if you eat it at night.

Lunchtime is the best time to incorporate rice into your diet. Your metabolism works fast during these hours and it’ll be easier for your body to digest this product. Plus, you’ll need an energy boost to have a productive day and complex carbohydrates can help with that!



Some people have gotten used to starting their day with a glass of milk since childhood, but this habit doesn’t work well for adults. Milk is difficult to digest, so drinking it in the morning and combining it with other foods can cause stomach aches.

The evening is the best time to have a glass of warm milk. It helps calm down the body and promotes a good night’s sleep.



It’s better to avoid eating yogurt on an empty stomach or before any meal. Yogurt contains lactic acid that may decrease the acidity of the stomach. It’ll slow down digestion while you’re having your main meal.

Have a yogurt about 1-2 hours after the main meal to get all the benefits of the lactic acid for your digestion. Having a small portion of yogurt before going to bed seems like a good option since it’ll fill your body with protein, contributing to muscle development.