Foods You’d Better Avoid Before 10 AM

The food industry made breakfast out to be the most important meal of the day. It can improve your mood and prevent depression. Thus, we’ve looked into what foods are best to avoid eating before 10 AM to stay both healthy and fit.

Buttered toast

Unlike what most people think, breakfast should not necessarily be a non-fat meal. The trick is finding the right kind of fat to eat in the morning. Butter does contain fat that helps you process vitamins but it contains a lot of saturated fat too which can cause damage to your heart as well as weight gain.

Instead: Spread peanut butter over your toast, which can help you feel less hungry during the day because it increases the production of peptide YY, a hormone that regulates hunger.

Pancakes and waffles

Although easy to take with you when in a rush, most frozen pancakes, waffles, and cookies contain refined carbohydrates. This is not necessarily bad, depending on your diet, but refined carbohydrates can make you feel hungrier during the day. They also contain little to no fiber and a lot of trans fats that are harmful for your health.

Instead: Make them at home and check nutritional values for high-fiber pancakes.

Low-fat yogurt

Non-fat yogurt has become a widely available alternative for breakfast. Unfortunately, it often contains many sugars to add flavor and little protein. Studies have also shown that full-fat yogurt actually helps to lose weight. Protein consumption in the morning can help you feel less hungry during the day, which full-fat yogurt is packed with.

Source: Brightside