Five Signs That a Moisturizer Doesn’t Suit You

Even the most harmless and “tested” beauty products can lead to skin problems. And it is possible that the unpleasant “consequences” are the result of a thoughtlessly selected moisturizer. Firstly, it is a necessary minimum for care, without which it is difficult to imagine a daily routine. So, it is used regularly. Secondly, it is an excellent nutrient medium for bacteria. You can save neither money nor time on a moisturizer, in order to find the one that is right for you.

Five signs that should make you suspect:

The use of the cream affects the shade of the skin (for example, it becomes pinker or swarthier).

After its application, some areas of the face (cheeks, nose, chin and forehead) “show”. This means that the product does not properly maintain the water balance – fatty areas become more visible.

When it is used, there is a feeling of irritation, burning or some kind of discomfort.

An hour after the application of the moisturizing cream, the skin remains dry. This means that the product contains a lot of water that evaporates quickly, or a lean, oily base that does not soften the skin enough.

In more extreme cases or after a prolonged use of the wrong product, acne may occur. It usually affects the area of ​​the eyes, cheeks and chin.

Source: ELLE