Find out how your favorite alcohol makes you fat

Many have heard often, that alcohol promotes weight gain, and that’s right. Experts note that a glass of dry wine contains about 160 kcal, a glass of vodka 115 kcal, brandy and whiskey about 120-130 kcal, 100 mgs of beer contains 45 kcal. However, the highest calorie drink is considered a cocktail, as they usually contain sweet syrups, liquors and soda.

How to drink and not get fat?

  • Choose the right alcohol. Do not drink carbohydrate-rich alcoholic beverages.
  • Use protein rich foods. Dietary protein provides a feeling of satiety and does not let you eat much․
  • Do not overtake the food after the holidays. After parties, usually many of us want to have some calorie foods, but we have to restrain ourselves to avoid further effects.