Fashionable Summer Dresses 2018

Perhaps there is not a single woman on Earth who does not have a summer light, cool garment. Today I want to refer to the models or, to be more specific, to details that are relevant to the 2018.


The first and most important precondition to pay attention is the fabric. Today, very stylish fabrics, such as linen, are very fashionable. However, all depends on what we are going to sew, because the linen has a very cramped, inelastic quality. In this case, it is possible to pick up a piece of other fibers (for example, cotton), which keeps the appearance of the form and dress better.


Nowadays natural, pastel colors are up-to-date. The brightest fabrics are already evidence of artificial ingredients.

Simple Sew

The most beneficial dresses in our wardrobe are the simplest one, because they can transmit fresh look any time. These are the dresses that allow you to carry more and more experiments from the minimalist image to the most realistic.


There is no need to re-emphasize that the geometric printers are still stylish, striped, cube, wedge, etc. Flowers and animals continue to be actual on their dresses.


The nodes give an interesting shade to summer dresses. They are fashionable both in front and back.


If last season’s plisse skirts were actual, now they are a very original piece of dress. This version seems to be not often. If you find a plisse dress that is perfect for you, you will definitely get it. In the summer you will be eye-catching.


This point seems to be simple: it’s fashionable, soft and comfortable.

Another circumstance that we need to pay attention is that it is accessories, the choice of which depends on the impression of our image. Let us differentiate the image of the beach from the urban image. Thus, we will have a nice and light image this summer.