Fashion Trends That are Going to be Huge This Summer

Just because something is trending doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hop on board, but with so many adorable (and easy) clothes, jewelry and accessories to choose from this summer, there are bound to be a few looks you’re willing to embrace.

The “Pure Wow” periodical has presented the most wide-spread trends that are you going to see everywhere this summer.

Soft woven bags

ծղոտե պայուսակներ՝ այս տարվա թրենդ

Last summer it seemed like everyone and their mother was sporting a structured basket bag. This year, it’s time to loosen up.

One-shoulder tops

one-shoulder top - trend of this summer

So much easier to move around in than last year’s off-the-shoulder trend but just as flattering.

Matching sets

matching sets - trend of this summer

Wear a matching top and skirt together or pair them with other superstars from your wardrobe.

Summer Boots

Summer Boots - trend of this summer

Turns out your favorite cold-weather footwear works just as well for the other half of the year.

Polka Dots

Polka Dots - trend of this summer

Poppy, retro, not just black and white, this summer’s polka dots come in unexpected color combos (like blush and neon pink) or on a pair of tough distressed boyfriend jeans.

Mini Sunglasses

mini sunglasses - trend of this summer

The Matrix-inspired eyewear is one of the trickiest trends of the summer, but we found a surefire way to pull it off: Choose a cat-eye lens instead of ovals or rectangles. They’ll look good on every face shape and add a touch of glamour to any outfit.

Espadrilles (again)

espadrilles - trend of this summer

Yves Saint Laurent made them a must-have in 1970. Then they were out. Then the preppy set brought them back to life in the early 2000s. Then they went into hibernation. Well, time to dig those lace-up wedges out of your closet because the quintessential summer shoe is making yet another a comeback.

Mini Bags

mini bags - trend of this year

These adorable little handbags first popped up in late 2015 as super-cute (though impractical) accessories to tote around. Since then, they’ve evolved into perfectly petite crossbodies that are actually big enough to fit the essentials—phone, keys, credit card, lip balm.

Abstract Geometric Earrings

abstact earrings - trend of this summer

2016 was all about ombré. Then, in 2017, tassels reigned supreme. Now it’s the year of the oversize artsy earring…so grab a pair and get your cubism on.