Eye Makeup Tricks

Of course, every human face has its own personality. For this reason, it is wrong to apply the same kind of makeup techniques for different faces. Thus, we present you some techniques of using eye pencil for different kinds of face shapes.

Eye Shape: Round 

You don’t have to make it super perfect when you’re applying the pencil, and you want to make sure the pencil is very soft and not a gel or waterproof, because those are harder to manipulate.

Eye Shape: Almond 

Accentuate your natural shape with winged liner, or blend shadow up toward your brow bone to create the illusion of a more rounded shape.

Eye Shape: Monolid

You can have so much fun because on top of that flat lid, you can place a really exaggerated, graphic liner. It doesn’t even have to be a wing; it can be more square or rectangular.

Source: whowhatwear.com