Exercises That Burn Much More Calories Than Running

If your goal is to shift some excess fat, your main focus should be to burn calories. The obvious way to do that is to jump on the treadmill, or just go for a jog around your local park. But it turns out that running isn’t necessarily the most effective form of cardio when it comes to burning calories.

Here are some other forms of cardio exercises that can burn much more calories than running.


Skipping isn’t just an exercise for kids in the playground, it is a great workout for all. According to experts, skipping can burn up to 1000 calories per hour depending on the speed at which you complete the jumps, and your body weight (people with a heavier body weight tend to burn more calories).


Swimming allows you to switch off from the world while you work your body all-over, gliding through the water. It is also a great option for those who can’t run or take part in some other forms of aerobic exercises as it puts no pressure on the joints. Swimming vigorously for an hour can burn nearly 1000 calories.


Rowing is a great calorie burner and all over body workout as it uses nine major muscles groups. Rowing is one of the most intense exercises you can add to your workout routine, can burn around 700 calories an hour.


Irrespective of the speed, this calorie burning exercise provides a workout for your heart, lungs and blood vessels. To note, a gentle bike ride can burn around 364 calories per hour.

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Source: cosmopolitan.com