Engagement ring trends of 2020

2020 brings new trends of engagement rings. Here are the options of engagement rings that can become source of inspiration for you.

Colored gemstones engagement rings

Colored diamonds and gemstones are a great way to make simple and elegant styles even brighter and bolder.

Halo rings

The popularity of halo rings is also increasing all over the world. Their encrusted design makes the centre diamond appear larger than traditional engagement rings.

Celebrity-inspired engagement rings

If you want to have red carpet worth engagement rings, then this option is definitely for you.

Minimalist rings

The trend of minimalist rings is back, and this is not expected to go any time soon. This is perfect for those who tend not to wear much jewelry or do not want to make a statement.

Yellow gold rings

While platinum and white gold bands have topped the popularity charts when it comes to engagement rings in recent years, yellow gold rings are making a comeback. Gold bands compliment both diamonds and colored gemstones.

Source: weddingideasmag.com