Eating Properly and Losing Weight is Easier Than You Think

You must regularly practice sports, eat well, and sleep to have a beautiful and athletic body.  Few people can follow this regime, but as Grazia website reports, you can drive a sedentary life and have no problems with the structure of the body.

Below we present you a list of 5 myths about nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Myth 1: You should not eat after 18:00

This is a mistake. Evening food is very important, but it should not be made of high calorie carbohydrates  Ultimately, the main muscle structure and fat burning takes place just during the night shift, unless you’ve missed the sleep phase.

Myth 2: Fat is more harmful than sugar

Fat is a plastic substance that is essential and important for food, but it is also important for weight loss. Sugar is a real “evil.” Its existence is the cause of many problems, and the absence is their solution.

Myth 3: A beautiful reflection on the mirror reflects the health

“Mirror Illness” is one of the youth problems. Our perception of beauty is born from childhood. The beauty is to attract the attention of the partner, and the health for the pregnancy and the childbirth. The normal weight, the normal percentage of richness, the gloss and pink cheeks are also considered beautiful for women.

Myth 4:  “The diet is not for me.”

The diet is about counting calories, cook your chicken breast, eat at the right hours, drag containers to the workplace with. If you do not like it,  you have to remember that each person has the body that he deserves. 20% of effort brings 80% of the result

The Proper Diet

All you have to do is follow 5 steps.

1. Vegetables should be about 50% of all food.

2. The food should contain proteins.

3. In the evening, the calories of food should be low.

4. You should follow the “6-1” formula. 6d ays you should keep the diet and one day you can should a rest

5. Do not use more than 40 grams of sugar.