Early Signs of Pregnancy

Thinking you might be pregnant can be an exciting time… or a stressful one! Whatever your feelings, you can prepare yourself best for whatever lies ahead by learning about the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Late period

Of course, the most common reason for a woman to suspect that she is pregnant is a missing or late period. Even so, pregnancy is not the only reason for missing a period. Weight loss or gain, hormonal changes, illness, and stress can all delay a period, so you can’t be sure until you’ve got a positive pregnancy test.

If a week or more has passed since the date of your expected period, you may need to consider having a pregnancy test.

Breast changes

You may already know about breast changes during pregnancy, and for some women this is one of the early signs that they’re pregnant. Hormone levels vary widely over the course of pregnancy and this causes many physical changes, including in your breasts.

Weird bathroom schedule

If you’re in the early stages of pregnancy, you can expect some changes to your usual bathroom routine. Changes in your hormone levels can have you making more trips to the bathroom than you’re used to.


For many women, nausea is a regular feature of the early days of pregnancy, but it’s not restricted to a particular time of day.

Feeling tired

Even at this early stage, the rising levels of the hormone progesterone in a woman’s body can cause unusual fatigue. At the same time, changes in blood pressure and blood sugar can all contribute to feeling lethargic and lacking in energy.

Source: FLO