Dinagul Tassova “Some people see a delicate dress, some see a naked body.”

Over the last few days, social media in Kazakhstan has widely spread the news about the “Top Model CIS 2018” participant – Dinagul Tassova, who as a member of the Astana Youth Assembly’s fourth convocation wore dekolte dress.

Classy.am journalist has talked with model Dinagul Tassova as a result of which the model did not give a clear answer to the question whether it is easy to combine the model and MP careers. She only mentioned that she is working with the “Prima Vera” modeling agency since 2015 as a model. She also noted that “The passers-by in the street often ask me if I am a model. Because of these comments, I suppose that people’s approach is positive about my modeling career. ”

Responding to the question, which was the purpose of your participation in the “CIS Top Model 2018”, Dinagul said: “My goal was to participate in this contest as well as visit Armenia. It was interesting for me to communicate with the representatives of CIS countries and I do not regret anything. Moreover, I’m in love with Yerevan. ”

To the question how does the Astana society and your environment generally refer to your choice of braveoutfits the model responded: “I am glad that fashion is developing. There are also negative emotions. The question is how do they percieve me … As a model, my only comment is that people start perceiving fashion industry more seriously. The body in which I live consists of 10% persistence, 30% delicacy and 60% beauty. Enjoy the beauty! ”

Author: Kristina Avagyan