Diet for Healthy Skin

Very often, our skin condition depends not only on external factors, facial skin care, but also on what we eat. Proper balanced nutrition is a guarantee for healthy skin. Perhaps your skin needs a properly chosen diet that directly fights dull skin with high fat, expanded pores and irritations.

Diet for dough and dehydrated skin

If you have noticed more than once that regardless of the season, your skin will peel off, it dries, but at the same time you have quality care and you drink enough clean water, you may need a properly chosen diet. You need to eliminate fatty, spicy, pickled foods from your daily diet. Also, avoid salty and smoked products, drink less strong coffee and alcohol. Nutritionists insist on adding foods rich in antioxidants to your daily diet: fresh vegetables and fruit, vitamins A and E and, of course, lipids. Pay attention to healthy fats: avocado, olive oil, fish, butter.

Diet for inflammation, acne and rashes on the face

If you have already passed adolescence, and acne does not go away, perhaps it is about your diet. Often, owners of problematic skin simply need to reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates. You also need to exclude too fatty and spicy food, convenience foods, pickles, smoked meats: all these products stimulate the sebaceous glands. Nutritionists recommend adding sulfur-rich foods (garlic, onions, eggs, cheese, fish, dairy products, lettuce), zinc and selenium (peanuts, beans, wheat bran, liver, corn) to nutrition to cleanse the face of inflammation and acne.

Diet for dull and irritated skin

In the mirror you are met by a dull, gray face, which also has skin irritations? These problems can be solved using only one diet. If you have a dull complexion and irritation, you can say that you are a lover of eating sweets and flour products. Nutritionists recommend replacing them with vegetables, beans, nuts and whole-grain products. To make your complexion fresher, start eating oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, seafood, turkey, and other foods rich in zinc.

Source: Ivona