Designer Mary Stepanyan’s Brand-Shop Will Open on December 10

On November 25 team attended a fashion talk with Armenian famous designer Mary Stepanyan at Imperial Hotel Complex. During the event, Mary talked about her brand history, success, inspiration and working process.

Mary, the founder of the STM brand, has been in the field of art since childhood. She graduated from the Armenian State Academy of Fine Arts. At first, she made clothes for herself and her friends. Then, realizing that fashion design is more than just a hobby, she decided to continue her career in this very field. She has been trained in London and with the help of her friend, Liza Margaryan, founded the STM brand in December 2017. The brand has achieved great success in a very short time and now, besides Armenia, it is also presented in Russia and the US.

Due to brave and deconstructive combinations, the brand dictates femininity, sexuality and self-confidence. STM has a collection of everyday clothes and accessories and receives individual orders for evening and wedding dresses. When creating collections, the designer takes into consideration the quality and appearance of the fabric, the structure and color trends. To get acquainted with the trend, she uses the materials of famous agencies, such as WGSN and Trendzine.

For Mary Stepanyan even architectural masterpieces can be a source of inspiration, and she can use details and lines in her works. Another source of inspiration is handcraft, which she often involves in her designs.

During the evening, the designer shared stories about famous brands’ capaigns that have become trendy, such as feminism, nature conservation and homosexuality. Unintentionally, she also joined this trend by releasing military clothes, the entire sale of which was sent to the soldiers. It is noteworthy that this idea was created to help the son of a STM team member who was serving in the Armenian army.

There are 17 women working in the STM team. The workplace has a healthy and friendly working atmosphere, although sometimes workers are forced to detach the whole clothe and start everything over to get high quality clothing.

To the question, how Mary relates the fact that some people copy her designs, she answered: “In my opinion, when someone thinks my job is so worthwhile to copy, it’s a compliment for me. Of course, this can hinder my sales a bit, but it’s a great honor for the designer and the brand. There are so many high-end brands in the world, which can be copied and, of course, when your start-up brand is copied among them, it’s fun.”

In the end, Mary announced that her brand store will open on Tumanyan 33, on December 10. So far the brand has been operating at the atelier-showroom on Mashtots Avenue.