Dating Guide for People with Anxiety

Dating often comes with a lot of pressure and if you’re someone who suffers from anxiety this might heighten your symptoms. It ends up being difficult to find a long-term significant other and to even plan the first date, writes the tory/26-date-ideas-for-your-anxious-partner” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>“Teen Vogue” magazine.

“Teen Vogue” states that this shouldn’t get in the way of your dating life and offers the following tips to make it easier.

Home Sweet Home

a warm feeling of home

At home, dates are perfect to help you feel a little at ease. This can apply to hanging out with friends as well. Being in your own environment during the date will take some of the tension and fears away.

Movie Time

movie watching

It’s dark and quiet inside of the movie theater. You don’t have to talk much as both of you are watching the movie. While dinner dates can get quite nerve wrenching, in the theater you’re free to eat as much as you want without worrying about how you look at.

Favorite Place

a beautiful view

Be it a cafe or a park, pick a place that you’re well familiar with. If it’s a cafe that you go to often then you don’t have to worry about the menu as you already know what you like to get. As long as you’re in your comfort zone, the risk of having a panic attack decreases.

Trust Your Partner

close relationship

Sometimes anxiety makes it hard to plan anything as you keep thinking about all the possibilities of how things can go wrong. Try giving your partner a chance to plan the date. You might be a little scared to step into something new and unfamiliar, but communication can make it all work out well for both of you.