Cooking Tips That Will Make Anyone Into a Chef

Some say cooking is like therapy to them while others find excitement in recreating a dish. Some make careers out of their love for cooking and become inspirations for those of us who find joy in the kitchen. Years of training have thought these chefs secrets and tricks that make their dishes as good as they are, writes the “Vogue” magazine.

The magazine along with world renowned chefs below came up with tips to help you become a maestro in your own kitchen.

Deglaze the Pan

making something delicious by pan on the fire

This traditional French technique may sound intimidating, yet it’s easier than it seems. After you’re done searing whatever you were cooking, pour some cold or room-temperature liquid such as wine, stock or water into the pan and scrape up the caramelized pieces.


Less is More

spaghetti in a bowl

If you’re cooking based on the instructions on the package try cooking for few minutes less not to overcook it. If the package tells you to cook the pasta for 8-9 minutes go 2-3 minutes less. Don’t worry it won’t be undercooked, you will finish the remaining time in the pan once you add your sauce.

Add Water to Your Spices

different spices

The issue with powdered spices is that it’s very easy to burn them. In order to avoid this you need to mix the spices beforehand and add a little bit of water to them. Just few tablespoons of water will eliminate the chance of scorching.

Marinating is Key

marinating the food

Whether you’re making a chicken tikka or anything of that kind, you will have to get your hands dirty rubbing the marinade in. When it’s completely coated, put it in the refrigerator to chill for 3-4 hours to absorb all the flavors. For even better results let it sit overnight.