Cooking Oatmeal Milk: a Step-by-Step Recipe

This drink is suitable not only for supporters of veganism, but also for those who do not tolerate lactose. Later in the material we tell in detail how to make tasty and healthy oat milk.


100 g of oatmeal

900 ml of water.


Step 1.

Wash the oatmeal. Pour them into any container and fill with water.

Step 2.

Mix and leave for at least 4 hours, and preferably for the whole night. If the room is hot, put the bowl of oatmeal in the fridge.

Step 3.

Mix and transfer the whole mass into a blender. Beat it until smooth.

Step 4.

Strain the milk through gauze folded in several layers or filter.

You can add vanilla, honey or cinnamon to this oat milk. On the basis of such milk you can make various cocktails, smoothies, and desserts.