Common Ways to Hold a Child That Can Be Dangerous for Their Health

It’s pretty important how you hold the child, since many of the common methods can harm a baby’s health. That’s why we all should pay special attention to the proper way to hold children. Here are the most common mistakes to avoid while holding a child.

Holding a baby under their armpits

When you hold a baby, it is crucial that you support their head. Newborns don’t have developed neck muscles. They could suddenly move their head which could mean difficulties with breathing and injuries if their neck isn’t properly supported.

Keeping the baby’s head on your shoulder

If you hold your baby chest to chest, then you should pay attention to the position of their face. It should be above the shoulder.

Not changing sides

It’s necessary to switch the sides that you carry your kid on. As we said earlier, baby’s necks are weak. So it’s important that the muscles develop on both sides.

Holding a baby facing out

It’s not good to carry a child facing away from you. It makes it harder for you to control the kid.