Common Causes of Breast Pain

Breast pain, swelling, or tenderness is common before or during menstruation for nearly 70% of women. This is often caused by hormonal balance changes that take place before your period. These hormones (estrogen and progesterone) cause breast swelling. This type of pain usually effects both breasts and should ease after the period ends.

If you experience breast pain that doesn’t come and go with your periods, this may be caused by problems outside the breast, such as a muscle strain or skin injury.

There are a few ways to reduce breast pain:

-Wearing a sports bra or a bra that provides extra support.

-Reducing the number of caffeinated drinks and fatty, salty or sugary foods consumed during this time

-Taking pain medication, such as ibuprofen

When to see doctor:

-If you experience daily breast pain for more than a few weeks in one are of the breast or the pain becomes worse over time.

-If you notice other breast changes, such as a lump, skin dimpling, redness, scaly skin, or nipple discharge.

Source: Flo