Choosing the Perfect Wedding Day: The No-Panic Version

The pressure that follows you throughout the decision making process of the wedding date may drive you crazy. Everyone around you wants to know when to clear their schedules as you rush to finally decide on the date. Choosing the date can be transformed into a productive, yet easy process, writes the “Vogue” magazine.

The magazine recommends to consider the following while making the choice to relieve your stressful state.

The Venue and Vendors Come First

wedding hall

If you’re one of the girls who have planned their wedding since their childhood, you should consider contacting the venue in advance. The venue will end up impacting your choice the most especially if you plan to align venue’s availability with the day of your ceremony in church or synagogue.


Don’t Forget About the Season

wedding couple at snowy weather

The differences between a summer wedding and a winter wedding are beyond drastic both when it comes to the atmosphere and the prices. Everything depends on what type of wedding you’re imagining. If you put great importance on the daytime vibe, you may move towards the seasons


Consider a Sentimental Day

a heart in the frame

Be it your parents wedding day or someone’s birthday date, the meaningful aspect may help to dictate your choice faster. A great way to celebrate your bond may be choosing a day that celebrates the anniversary of your relationship or even a first kiss. Make sure to later acknowledge the importance of the date during the wedding.