Tiramisu Cake: Recipe

The Tiramisu is considered to be the most favorite dessert of all times. “Vkusno.co” periodical reveals its easiest recipe. So, go on.


220 gr. sugar
350 ml. cream (33%)
150 gr. flour
500 gr. Mascarpone cheese
10 gr. baking powder
10 gr. vanilla sugar
6 eggs
80 gr. powdered sugar
to taste – liquor

For glaze:

100 gr. cream (33%)
20 gr. butter
80 gr. bitter chocolate

The Steps

Step 1

Whip eggs with sugar, add vanilla sugar and sifted flour, well mixed with baking powder. Whisk for another 5-7 minutes. On the surface should be a lot of bubbles.

Step 2

Dough pour into the mold (at the bottom of the form, pre-lay a circle of parchment, to make it easier to pull out the finished biscuit).

Step 3

Bake a biscuit at 170-180 ° C for about 25 minutes (depends on your oven). The ready biscuit remove from the mold and cool it on the grate. Each of the biscuits cut in half.

Step 4

For the Tiramisu Cream:  whip the cream. It will be good to grind cream cheese well with powdered sugar (you can do it with a spoon).

Step 5 

Add the whipped cream to the cheese mass and gently mix until smooth.

Step 6

Make a coffee (strong enough) and add liquor a little bit.

Step 7

Each cake soak the coffee and put a layer of cream on top (the layer should not be thin).

Step 8

Collect the cake: it’s easier to collect the cake in the frame, it will be more even.

Step 9

Put the cake for several hours in the refrigerator soak (preferably at night). Then remove the frame and decorate the cake. From above it is possible to cover creamy cream and sprinkle cocoa or decorate with grated chocolate.

Step 10

For the glaze: break the chocolate into pieces, heat the cream to until it boils, but do not boil it, and pour the chocolate cream. Well, stir with a spoon or whisk until the chocolate is completely dissolved. Add a piece of butter and mix again. Leave the glaze to cool down for a while in a refrigerator until it becomes more dense.

Step 11

Take the chocolate and beat it with a mixer until you get a mass similar to mousse.

Step 12

Cover the sides of the cake with chocolate glaze, and decorate with cream using a pastry syringe.