Body Language: What Your Face, Hands, and Voice Reveal About Yourself During a Date

Body language is crucial in how you are perceived on a date. Use these tricks to show that you are interested, relaxed, and want to continue the relations.


Natural laughter refreshes the face and is a true sign of a relaxed state, and that the stress is reduced, but it can also show your vulnerability. So do not replay it.


Dilation of the eyes can transmit interest to the other person and show a positive reaction to the person. Women who widen their eyes become especially attractive because they, like babies, are believed to arouse a desire to protect and offer love.


When talking on a date with a man, lean forward slightly, it shows a genuine interest. When a man speaks, nod and smile to let him know that you are interested in what he is telling


A slight touch of the shoulder or arm can create a feeling of closeness without irrelevance, which will make your date warmer.


Both men and women really like a deeper tone in the opposite sex. This does not mean that you should have a hoarse voice, but its depth and slow pronunciation will seem sexy and seductive.